Women in Acoustics Luncheon

At each ASA meeting the Women in Acoustics committee hosts a luncheon for those interested in the role that women play in the Society at large. This luncheon is an excellent setting for networking. Those who wish to attend this luncheon must register in advance of the luncheon. There is a reduced entrance fee for students.

To purchase a ticket, please refer to the registration page for the each meeting.

Round-table Discussion Session at ASA Meetings

Periodically, the Women in Acoustics Committee hosts facilitated round-table discussion sessions at the ASA meetings. Please see the meeting program for more details.


Listen Up and Get Involved Session at ASA Meetings

The Listen Up and Get Involved session, jointly sponsored by the Women in Acoustics committee and the Education in Acoustics committee, is designed to introduce young girls to acoustics through partnership with local Girl Scout troupes during the biannual ASA meetings. During the session, interactive acoustic demonstrations are presented by ASA members to the Girl Scouts. This session also provides a great opportunity for researchers and professionals to collect new teaching ideas. This session requires a large number of volunteers to make it a success. Anyone interested in helping out at an ASA meeting should contact the Education in Acoustics or Women in Acoustics committees. Come and explore this acoustic wonderland at the next ASA meeting!