2021 Fall Luncheon Honoree

Dr. Fredricka (Freddie) Bell-Berti

Fredricka (Freddie) Bell-Berti received her Ph.D. from the City University of New York in 1967. Her early work focused on using electromyographic recordings to study muscular function in the velopharyngeal system and the tongue, which was the first methodology of its time. Freddie has been a regular attendee and presenter at ASA since her first presentation in 1972. She became an ASA Fellow in 1991 and has served on several committees including: Executive Council, ASA Foundation Board, Speech Communications TC, Nominations Committee, Tutorials Committee, Women in Acoustics, and Medals and Awards. Additionally, Freddie served as chair for the Committee on Education in Acoustics (1994–1997), the Long-Range Planning Committee (2000–2003), and the Committee on Prizes and Special Fellowships (2012–2014). Freddie continues to be active in ASA and is currently the chair of the Committee on Archives and History (2016-Present).

Freddie’s thesis work has continued at the Haskins Laboratories under the direction of Katherine Safford Harris. She has contributed to citations for the Katherine Safford Harris’ Silver medal (2005) and Gold medal (2007) in Speech Communication and the Pat Kuhl’s Gold medal in 2008. Freddie co-edited the book Producing Speech: Contemporary Issues, for Katherine Safford Harris, AIP Press (1995).

Freddie was a Professor at St. John’s University from 1980 – 2015 and served as Chair from 2001 – 2010. Freddie’s commitment to mentoring more than 100 student research projects, the majority of which were female students, is a noteworthy contribution to the field of Speech Communication. More than 20 of those students have presented their work at ASA meetings.

Dr. Bell-Berti is the Women in Acoustics 2021 Fall Luncheon Honoree.