Lauren Ronsse   Women in Acoustics Chair to 2018

Lauren Ronsse
Women in Acoustics Chair to 2018

Welcome to the ASA Women in Acoustics (WIA) website! I am happy to serve as the chair of this committee, and I look forward to working with everyone to ensure that our committee continues to thrive and meet the needs of women in the Society.
WIA strives to foster a supportive environment for women acousticians of all experience levels and areas of expertise. At the National ASA meetings, please join feel free to join us at our WIA Committee Meeting (usually held on Tuesday afternoons), the Women in Acoustics Luncheon (usually held on Wednesday), and the Girl Scout Outreach Session (usually held late Wednesday afternoon). Also, the WIA committee sponsors the Young Investigator Travel Grant and the Dependent Care Subsidy to help defray costs of attending ASA meetings. In between meetings, consider joining our Mentoring Program. All of these activities and opportunities are open to both women and men. More detailed information about how to participate in these activities can be found on this website.